I adore this family! I met Meghan’s sister Kelsey when she was planning her wedding two years ago. Then I was able to photograph her new baby Willow, then Willow smashing cake when she turned one and now MEGHAN! A senior in high school! We had so much fun on this shoot.


This sunlight and that face…GORGEOUS.


We thought these would be our last pictures because the sun was going down…


Then Meghan’s brother-in-law brought his Razor and drove it into the field for light!


And look at this magic!


So.much.magic!DSC_7104DSC_7108DSC_7114Congrats Meghan!

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This sweet family. Lacy and I became friends when she only had two kiddos and I was praying for a second. What a joy to be up at their cabin with them and capture their people:)


And there’s nothing like ending it with a jump on the trampoline! It’s hard work to stay still and smile that long!DSC_6116DSC_6118Nothing’s better than when I get to bring MY people with me to a shoot! And there’s a sweet friend reunion at the end:



Bode’s trying a new look. It’s Two-Faced from Batman… 😉DSC_6127

…while Graham just smiles sweetly. DSC_6128Lord help us.

Thank you sweet friends. That was a highlight of our weekend. So glad to know you.

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Being hired as a photographer at someone’s most important life moments is humbling. Being up close when a father gives his daughter away, when a man sees his bride for the first time, or when a girl goes from a “girl” to a woman in a Quinceanera ceremony. There are tears and even if I just met the family days before these big life events, I tear up right along side everyone else. I didn’t just meet this family though. They have become dear people to us and this is the second Quinceanera I photographed for them. I enjoyed helping capture this special day for them last weekend.


I could not get over how stunning Melanie looked…DSC_4206DSC_4261DSC_4282

Love this family!DSC_4297DSC_4353DSC_4375

And these boys are top notch. Most were familiar faces from Melissa’s QuinceDSC_4380DSC_4400DSC_4406DSC_4413DSC_4426DSC_4438

Look at them! Being so gentlemanly; helping Melanie in and out of the truck, learning and performing choreographed dances, posing for pictures….DSC_4495

…but they ARE teenage boys after all. I was glad to see them be goofy too…

Bel-Mar park is to die for.DSC_4622

And so was the Salon that the ceremony and reception was to be held in.DSC_4643DSC_4654

Five more years and we’ll be photographing this little lady:)DSC_4660DSC_4894DSC_4720DSC_4747DSC_4761

Who does the photographer sit and make friends with when her family isn’t there? These sweet, just out of middle school girls of course. I think they were super mature and I’m super immature, so it worked perfectly. DSC_4851DSC_4894DSC_4898DSC_4903DSC_4907

Too much cuteness.DSC_4919DSC_4927DSC_4932DSC_4933DSC_4941DSC_4945DSC_4980DSC_4993DSC_5004DSC_5008DSC_5020DSC_5033DSC_5045DSC_5060DSC_5086DSC_5098DSC_5148DSC_5172DSC_5220DSC_5245DSC_5270Lots of love Moreno family!

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