Oh how I adore these three.

I literally couldn’t stop giggling at how cute Winter B is: her voice, her outfit, her glasses, her spunk.

And I kept having flashbacks to Annika and Kit’s maternity shoot, Winter’s newborn shoot…and when Winter was a toothy, smiley one year old.  I love you Franz Family. (Also I had my assistants were with me so that was a plus).




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Wanna know a funny story?

The story of how I know this senior boy starts waaaaaayy back. To 2004 when I was a little barista at Starbucks. And I made friends with a sweet, bubbly customer who loved to wear pink named Kathy.

Fast-forward. Kathy and I realized that we had the same friends and tastes in food. And decorating. So we’ve kept in touch all this time. I even have her mom’s old piano in my house. And thanks to social media, I’ve gotten to watch her grandkids grow to the point that I feel like I know them.

Enter Aaron. He is Kathy’s grandson. And now he’s a senior! How wonderful to get to take his pictures! What a handsome guy. With a bright future ahead of him.


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Talk about pure sweetness. Oh my.

Thank you to my dearest friend Anne for putting me in touch with this wonderful family. What a joy to capture their excitement about their newest little member.

(And, she was an ANGEL. We all held our breath with every outfit and position change, thinking our luck would run out. Between the space heater and the secret sound machine under her, it was a dream). Also, the backdrop fell on her. Twice. Not even a blink. And her big brother Sebastian was a smiley helper too. All good things, all good things). xo



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