These pictures make me swoon.

This is half of the Marvin family that I had the privilege of meeting and taking pictures of! I LOVE extended family shoots. So much love to capture…it just oozes from the face of grandparents looking at their grandkids (and grandkids looking back at them!) Thanks Marvin/Mummert family!


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These girls make my heart explode. Maybe it’s because they’re family. Maybe because I’ve been able to see them grow up through my lens? OR, maybe it’s just because they’re so dang cute. Whatever the reason, I practically skipped to get to this photo shoot. I love the pictures of the girls just being sisters the most. (But all of the other ones too..:)


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In this group holds some of my most favorite people. I feel like I found shelter in the home of Eric and Liz during the later part of high school; you’ve never been around such a welcoming crew. It took little closed off me awhile to realize that your really could just stop by whenever. And they really did want you to eat with them. And it was fine that they didn’t know you were coming. I’m blessed to know each of these couples and their families and they are some of my best friends. My heart swells when I see them, and I cheer them on in life and they me. Having my camera out to capture all that they are (the crazy, the sweet, the frantic, the funny) was nothing short of a sheer privilege (especially because I pretty much just wanted to be adopted by this family at different points in my life).

Love you Swansons!

First, the most precious jumping pictures of this little sprite…


This is when I said, “gent, I won’t ask you to kiss your mom” mistakingly thinking of every other preteen I know…

Then he did this:DSC_9537

We love you G!


These silo pictures are everything to me. Kace, your house has been the scene of some of my favorite photo shoots!


When you’re supposed to be taking pictures of just the grandparents, and the grandkids crash in…

DSC_9655DSC_9666DSC_9682DSC_9683DSC_9689DSC_9703DSC_9706DSC_9764DSC_9772DSC_9779DSC_9780DSC_9781DSC_9966DSC_9981So much to love. xo

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